Smart time registration system on GPS!

If you still register the times of your employees on paper, or if you use a circuitous registration system, with for example a QR code, then we have the solution for you!

Save time and money with the time registration of Klien-IT-Systems. The smart time registration system on GPS automatically uses time registration and location determination as the basis. This allows you to see LIVE in one clear overview where and when everyone is working. In this way you are always one step ahead of everyone.

By means of the location determination via GPS, you can see in one overview the location of arrival and departure. This, in combination with the time of clocking in and out, gives you a detailed overview of the time and place of arrival and departure. Your employees can easily clock in and out on location with one click in their mobile app.

With Klien-IT you can say goodbye to the paper flows within your organization. This not only saves a lot of time and therefore money, but it also provides an overview and peace of mind in the office and the workplace. Everything you need is now secured and structured in your own digital environment that is accessible from anywhere and at any time. With Klien-IT you become future-FIT!

Are you ready to digitize your time registration and business processes? Or are you curious about what other cleaning-specific functions we have developed? Please take a look at our website (, contact us via or call us on 076 – 520 80 43.

You can also request a free demo right away and then we come by to explain the whole system. This can of course also be done digitally.