About Klien-IT-Systems

Klien-IT Systems distinguishes itself from other software-systems, because it has been developed from within the cleaning industry.

Cleaning company Klien has spent 7 years developing and optimising its own software system that responds precisely to the needs of a cleaning company.

It had to be different.

Within our company we noticed that a lot of knowledge and information could not be found in one central place, which you could access at any time. When an important employee left, a lot of information got lost. That had to be different.

Different from our competitors

During our search for a suitable software package, we discovered many disadvantages of the existing software systems. The entry fee was often very high and you needed an infinite number of additional modules that you had to pay separately. It was therefore very unclear what our real costs would be in the future. A huge risk!

That is why we at Klien decided to develop a software system ourselves. A system that would exactly match the wishes of a cleaning company. Once the system was up and running, we were regularly told by third parties how easy to use and complete it was. We even received requests to rent out the software package. And so Klien-IT-Systems was born!

However, we decided to do it differently from the competition. That means: no high entry costs and no uncertainty about which modules you will need. A clear system with a clear price is our starting point. This makes Klien-IT-Systems suitable for both smaller and larger cleaning companies.

Contact us

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive more information about the ERP system for the cleaning industry? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.