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Klien-IT-Systems differs from other software systems because it was developed from the cleaning industry and specifically designed for the cleaning and window cleaning industry. Cleaning company Klien has spent 10 years developing and further developing its own software system that responds exactly to the needs of a cleaning company. In our company we noticed that a lot of knowledge and information could not be found in one central place where you could access it at any time. If an important employee left, a lot of information was often lost. That had to change.

During our search for a suitable software package, we discovered many disadvantages of the existing software systems. The entry price was often already very high and you needed an infinite number of additional modules that you had to pay for separately and it took a very long time to master the system. This made it very unclear what our real costs would be in the future. A huge risk!

That's why we decided to develop a software system ourselves at Klien. A system that would exactly fit the needs of our cleaning company. Once the system was up and running, we were regularly told by third parties how user-friendly and complete it was. We even got requests if we could rent out the software package. And so Klien-IT-Systems was born!

For & by the cleaning industry

How are we different

With Klien-IT-Systems, however, we decided to do things differently than the current software providers in the cleaning industry. Because this system originated from the industry and was developed for the industry, we wanted to do it in a way that suited the industry. For example, we put a lot of time into making the system user-friendly and making sure that it can be easily accessed online anywhere, anytime and by anyone. Different languages, low-literacy, large buttons and so on.

It is also an all-in-one system so you don't have the hassle of links and different portals. We also marketed it at a very affordable price so that it is also accessible to small businesses.

Meanwhile, Klien-IT-Systems is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy/ And we are striving to become the system in Europe for the Cleaning and Glasswashing Branche.

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Write us on info@klien-it-systems.com or call 085 - 013 42 19. Would you like to try the system for free? Request a demo!
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