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Today, technology is evolving at a rapid pace and impacting almost every aspect of our lives, including the way we work and do business. One area that has vastly improved by digital innovations is time tracking. Traditional methods, such as handwritten notes and paper time recording, have proven to be very imprecise and susceptible to fraud.
In this article we discuss why digital time registration is necessary and why its integration within an ERP system works more efficiently and better. We then discuss the limitations of QR codes for time registration and explain how Klien-IT offers the solution for the cleaning industry in terms of time registration.

Accuracy and Time Saving
With digital time registration, employees can quickly and easily record their clock-in and clock-out hours using an App on their phone. This improves accuracy, but mainly prevents the risk of fraud and manipulation of hours worked. An app registers where and when you clock. So you can't just fill in some times.
Real-time Insight
An integrated time tracking app provides real-time insight into employees' hours worked. Employers can track their staff's attendance at any time, allowing them to better plan and intervene when someone doesn't show up.
Efficient time management
By implementing digital time registration, it becomes easier to check and approve the hours worked. The system automatically shows which times deviate, so that you do not have to go through every line. This ensures timely and accurate payroll processing.
Everything in order
Digital time registration offers companies the opportunity to comply with legal regulations and labor laws regarding working hours, breaks and overtime. Keeping this information digital makes it easier for employers to verify compliance and avoid any potential compliance issues.

While QR codes are useful tools for many applications, they have some limitations when it comes to time tracking. Below we break down the restrictions into a number of headings.
Limited Security
QR codes are easily scanned and copied by anyone who has access to them. This means that employees are able to fake their clock-in and clock-out hours simply by taking a picture of the code and using it later. This way they can easily clock in from home or adjust the QR code.

Unreliability of Physical Codes
Physical QR codes get damaged, fade or become illegible, which can make it difficult for employees to scan them. This can lead to inaccurate time recording and frustration for both employees and employers.
Limited Functionality
QR codes do not provide additional functionality for capturing relevant data, such as reasons for leave, project codes or specific tasks. An integrated app does offer these functionalities. In addition, the content of the App can be easily adjusted, just see how to adjust all QR stickers at any location…

When developing a time administration module in Klien-IT, we mainly assumed the convenience for the employee on the work floor and the back office.
For the employee, time registration consists of just one click on the clock when clocking in and also when clocking out. The employee also immediately sees when he has clocked in or out too far or at the wrong time. This creates awareness among employees of their mistakes.
In the back office you can watch live who is clocking where at what time. This way, there is always access to the current clock status. In addition to record when employees clock in and out, it is also automatically determined where they do this. This way you always know whether they have been on the project during working hours.
For the check, Klien-IT has simple overviews in which the deviations are already shown. This means you don't have to go through every list, but you immediately see where things go wrong.

Digital timekeeping has become essential for modern businesses and its benefits are obvious. An integrated app offers accuracy, time savings, real-time insight and efficient time management. On the other hand, QR codes are limited in functionality and have security and reliability issues.
Klien-IT offers the best solution for the cleaning industry, with specific functionalities, mobile accessibility and powerful reporting and analysis options. By embracing digital time registration and opting for an integrated app such as Klien-IT, cleaning companies can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of their operations. If you are interested in using Klien-IT-Systems, contact us here or ask for a free demo!

Software, the Importance of Modern and Future-Proof Software

Today, technological advancements are happening at an unprecedented pace, driving businesses to keep up with the trends. The use of a modern, flexible, and forward-looking software system plays a vital role in this context. In this blog, we will elucidate why utilizing such a system is crucial and how it propels us into the future.

Efficiency Through Software

A company relies heavily on its software system, as every process hinges upon it. Paying attention to user-friendliness is paramount in this regard. For instance, a modern system significantly contributes to the efficiency of business operations. It can automate and integrate processes, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more time for actual work. Additionally, such a system can provide real-time insights into business operations, enabling quicker and better decision-making. Moreover, modern systems often make use of everyday tools, making them more familiar to your employees and encouraging their use.

Cost Savings Thanks to Software

A modern system can also lead to cost savings. By automating and integrating processes, work becomes more efficient, potentially reducing the need for administrative staff. Furthermore, it can help in reducing errors and preventing duplicate work, leading to less waste of time and resources.

Today, software is no longer exorbitantly expensive. Unlike outdated systems that rely on pricing models from the early 2000s (e.g., charging per worked hour or service costs), new systems are more adaptable and agile, often available at a fixed price.

Flexibility Enabled by Software

Forward-looking systems also enhance a company's flexibility. They can easily adapt to changing market conditions, new regulations, and other environmental shifts. Additionally, these systems facilitate the quick and easy implementation of new processes and the integration of emerging technologies.

Future-Proof Software

New software systems also contribute to a company's future-proofing and viability. They can aid in anticipating developments and trends, such as emerging technologies and changing market conditions. Moreover, the system can assist in the development of new products and services that align with market demands. This enables a company to respond more efficiently and rapidly to customer needs.

Competitive Advantage

Companies employing such systems can work more swiftly and efficiently, potentially resulting in reduced costs and enhanced performance. They are better equipped to respond to market changes and customer needs, potentially leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Conversely, companies that lag behind in adopting new developments and innovations risk being outpaced by competitors.


For these reasons, Klien-IT has completely modernized its software and is actively developing to meet market demands. What are the changes, and where do we want to go collectively? We also look beyond, including automatic translators in the app and the ability to add photos. These are all components that make administration and communication just a bit easier.

The adage "standing still is moving backward" is becoming increasingly relevant. So, do not wait any longer and make sure you contact us or ask us for a free demo!

Klien-IT-Systems, just different

Sharp on software, sharp on convenience, sharp on price. Software seems boring, cleaning also seems boring. Inflation is increasing. Too few people realize that cleaning is extremely important for our well-being and prosperity. The same goes for software. Antonio Kouwenberg, Master's student of Fiscal Law, develops Klien-IT-Systems with a team of programmers: “Cleaning and software have similarities and relationships and can be powerful. My goal is to help cleaning companies, small and medium, to focus on their core business: cleaning and/or specialist cleaning. How? Thanks to the constructive, effective, efficient and yet inexpensive software system from Klien-IT-Systems. You also need fewer people in the office. Very handy in this time of labor shortage.” How does Klien-IT-Systems achieve such success, also internationally? Antonio tells.

Antonio Kouwenberg is 22 years old and now has 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry. “The cleaning market is an extremely versatile and extensive sector, with 177 nationalities spread over 231,000 employees. A big industry! Naturally, this entails many challenges in terms of HR, customer contact, stigmas and of course the work itself”, Antonio kicks off.

Cleaning, not known to everyone
“When I had a part-time job as a teenager at my father's cleaning company, cleaning company Klien, I immediately noticed the challenges. I thought it was fantastic to work in cleaning, worked together with a group of colleagues. We had fun, earned good money and were especially satisfied with the work we did. And we noticed the appreciation. I also often received the response: ' are you a cleaner? Why do you do that?'. I noticed that the cleaning profession was and is portrayed as boring, sometimes even condescending. Shame."

Cleaning involves so much
“In cleaning you learn to work hard, you meet a lot of people and you come to the most special places. Then we are not even talking about the specialist cleaning with all certificates, knowledge and craftsmanship. As a project manager, I saw even more the extras: what are the problems on the shop floor? What should be done on this new project? Who has the necessary key? Quite a few changes in planning, outstanding leave requests and the umpteenth comment from the client, which is written on a 'yellow note' and stuck on the cleaning cupboard. Things you don't want the cleaner to be left with.”

The cleaner as a base
Cleaning company Klien has already digitized the processes to organize it as efficiently and well as possible for the cleaning team. “Following our investigation, we concluded that the software systems were expensive, complex and not online. Totally not in line with our sector. We looked further yesterday, so my father and I decided 10 years ago to pick up the software system ourselves and develop it with programmers. Regional cleaning companies asked for it. That question confirmed that the Klien-IT-Systems software system really is a welcome addition to the market. Why? Because of the user-friendliness, simplicity and prevention to prevent problems. The cleaner is our base; if the cleaner has all the necessary information for a well-running and clean project, the operational side of the cleaning company will also go well. It saves a lot of time and positive energy. Our integrated App also turned out to be a golden opportunity in the process.”

Cleaning and doing business
Automatic time administration, control schedules, stock system, automatic invoices, accounting: the Klien-IT-Systems App provides a lot of efficiency and overview. “We reduced the office occupancy of Klien (with approximately 90 cleaners) from 6 to 1.5 (!). During the summer holidays there were sometimes even days with no one in the office. Not because they had to help with cleaning (which often happened in the past), but because everything was arranged and structured. And still. It goes without saying that this gives you the space to continue doing business and to expand and grow your cleaning company.”

Klien-IT-Systems is affordable for small and larger cleaning companies employees. “No start-up costs, no service subscriptions, no additional costs or additional expensive modules. Just one fixed amount per month and guidance until you understand everything. All future developments are also included in the fixed monthly amount. Our ultimate guarantee factor.”

The Klien-IT App is available for employees in 25  languages ​​and for the back office in 5 languages. Antonio: “We are rightly proud that within one year almost 50 companies in the cleaning industry are using our appropriate software system. And we are already active in Belgium, France, Italy and soon in Spain. There is cleaning everywhere and the industry works in a similar way. The software system must be there to unburden the cleaning companies and cleaners and not to burden them. Digitization is really necessary to continue to survive as an entrepreneur, because society and customer requirements are changing rapidly. That is why our mission for now and in the future is: sharp on software, sharp on convenience, sharp on price.”

Find the original interview on the website of Schoonmaakjournaal via: https://schoonmaakjournaal.nl/actueel/antonio-kouwenberg-klien-it-systems-net-ff-anders

Klien-IT-Systems contains a complete stock and item system. This integrated inventory system provides you with insight in your current stock, it helps you automatically track your stock and your employees can easily place orders in the app when they need items.

Our integrated inventory system allows you to assign specific items and materials to each project. This means that your employees can easily identify which articles are applicable to their respective projects, streamlining the ordering process and avoid unnecessary purchases.

These project-specific orders seamlessly flow into your inventory dashboard, creating a clear view of what's required for all ongoing projects. This dashboard simplifies resource allocation and lets you prioritize items based on demand. Manual stock updates become a thing of the past because our system automatically adjusts your stock levels. This ensures your inventory data is always accurate.

Witness firsthand how our inventory system simplifies project-specific ordering, centralizes stock management, and ensures you never run out of critical items. Our system is ideal for businesses seeking efficiency, cost savings, and scalability. Are you ready to transform your inventory management? Request a free demo

Smart time registration system on GPS! If you still register the times of your employees on paper, or if you use a cumbersome registration system with a QR code, for example, then we have the solution for you!

Save time and money with the time registration of Klien-IT-Systems. The smart clock-in and clock-out system on GPS automatically uses time registration and location determination as a basis. This allows you to see LIVE in one clear overview where and when everyone is working. This way you are always one step ahead of everyone.

By means of the location determination via GPS you will see in one overview what the location of arrival and departure is. This, in combination with the time of clocking in and out, gives you a detailed overview of the time and place of arrival and departure. Your employees can easily clock in and out on location in their mobile app with one click.

With Klien-IT you can say goodbye to the paper flows within your organization. This not only saves a lot of time and therefore money, but it also ensures overview and peace of mind in the office and the workplace. Everything you need is now securely and structured in your own digital environment that is accessible anywhere and at any time. With Klien-IT you become future-FIT! Are you ready to digitize your time registration and business processes? Or are you curious about what other cleaning-specific functions we have developed? Then take a look at our website (www.klien-it-systems.nl), contact us or call us on 076 – 520 80 43.

You can also immediately request a free demo and we will come by to explain the entire system. This can of course also be done digitally.

Partly due to the Covid-19, the turnover of the cleaning company Klien increased only slightly compared to the previous two years. And turnover and profit are above all the conditions for the manager-owner of the cleaning company to be socially involved.

The portrait of an enthusiastic SME

Raymond Kouwenberg (51 years old) is certainly not the classic entrepreneur of a local cleaning company, although his beginnings can be defined as such. He was a working student who got "stuck" in the cleaning business. While studying civil engineering in 1987, he started working as a student at the cleaning company Klien in Breda, founded in 1974, where he became project manager after two years. After graduating in 1994, Kouwenberg worked for the municipality but remained in contact with Klien, where they worked exclusively with students. "Imagine: in an age without cell phones and laptops, managing, calling and scheduling eighty students," says the entrepreneur. He was good, because in 1997 he became co-shareholder of Klien BV and ten years later director-owner. In 2011, the cleaning company moved into its current almost 200 square meter premises in the De Mark business park in Breda.

Socially involved

On the entrance door there are the stickers 'Accredited training company' and 'We train professionals'. This is only a pale reflection of the projects Raymond Kouwenberg is busy with. To name just a few: the company is a member of nine networks, supports thirteen charities, has the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) quality seal, specifies its CO2 footprint on its website and helps people far from job market. Kouwenberg also serves seven functions on the board, including chairman of the VNO-NCW Breda, and is a city councilor for the VVD party. Kouwenberg and his cleaning company are socially involved, and he is an associate of at least twenty boards and interest groups. "Cleanliness has been the leitmotif of my life for 34 years. But there are three founding principles in my DNA: government, education and finally business. Being socially involved, helping people, is especially important to me. The trick is knowing how always find a balance between these goals and time for my family, my wife and my three children".

Primarily a cleaning contractor

It seems that being socially involved as a cleaning company prevails over doing business as an entrepreneur in the sector… "No, this is the common thread and it provides the income that gives me the possibility to count something for others. Primarily I am an entrepreneur in the cleaning sector". In this role he manages a company with approximately 85 employees from a subsidiary. Seven of them work in the office, including three project coordinators for implementation. The working area covers a 20 kilometer circle around Breda. “We don't need a bigger area, because this also limits our employees' travel time.”

Respect for cleaning work

In 2019, the turnover was 1.7 million euros and for 2020 the forecast is 2 million euros, with a growth of 15%. Here too, the Covid pandemic has put a spanner in the works

"We lost almost €300,000, because the gyms and offices closed. We compensated for this to some extent by carrying out many sanitizations. This year, we expect to have a turnover of €2 million. We don't have a burning ambition to grow, we are not active in sales and always ask ourselves: Do we want to work there? Is this customer right for us? We prefer respected customers and also demand respect in return, towards the cleaning industry and our employees. If not, we withdraw. We have even canceled a €70,000 contract – a lot of money for a company like this – because the customer spoke disrespectfully about cleanliness and our employees."

Low absenteeism

Kouwenberg says he wants to run a firm that is stable and calm. This seems to work, because employee turnover is just "a bit on the fringes", with newcomers sometimes retiring quickly. Absenteeism is only 1.7%.

Build your own cleaning software

The entrepreneur says he is always working on processes and procedures to optimize cleaning, supported by information technology. "In 2014, three years after we started working in a real business premises, I started looking into the processes around scheduling, clocking in and out, using materials, administrative processes and purchasing. The requirements imposed by customers are increasingly high and a good level of customer satisfaction is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. I know from personal experience that this is especially true for SMEs in this sector with around 40-60 employees. If you don't digitize, you get stuck as a cleaning company. But digitizing with outside help is incredibly expensive for small companies, because you have to pay extra for each module. Over the past few years, I have therefore built my software step by step. A done software from and for the cleaning sector.

Reach small and medium-sized enterprises

The result is that Klien-IT-Systems, led by Kouwenberg junior, has just been born under the umbrella of Klien. The software system includes all modules, including future ones, for small and medium-sized cleaning companies. The system can be rented for a fixed price: up to 100 employees for just under 300 euros per month.

Is there a relationship between management software and the cleaning sector? "Yes, because our initiative was born from my belief that we need to reach small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector in a field that is still foreign to them, and the lack of digitization is threatening their existence and their growth".

The fears of an employer today

From cleaner to director-owner of the cleaning company where you started as a working student. What is the most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur? Kouwenberg: "The problems of work. Job security for the employee is paramount, with pillars such as continued payment for two years in case of illness, transition and a high severance pay. However, these are the things that make fear to an employer and which unfortunately disincentivise people to be hired on a permanent basis".

An attractive job

Kouwenberg's advice to politicians in The Hague is to make being an employer attractive again. "We have to move towards flexicurity, which is the new direction of the VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland. A dynamic labor market, with a guarantee of social and employment security for all rather than the job itself. In other words, security to go to work and stay in work. An active labor market policy, lifelong development and modern social security to bring jobseekers back into the labor market permanently. It is now too fixed and flexible is too flexible, for both sides. We need a kind of Scandinavian society where someone can always earn an income through work or receives temporary support".

Added value for the company

Finally, what's the best thing about being an entrepreneur? "Being socially involved as a cleaning company, getting results and translating them into added value for society," says Kouwenberg. "Helping above all by offering internships, through sponsorship, giving opportunities to disadvantaged people, supporting charities and creating a company characterized by calm and stability."

Have you ever had a precise idea in mind of how something should be, but there's no management system that's really right for you? In the cleaning sector more and more companies are facing this challenge. We provide the digitization for the cleaning sector and help solve this challenge.

You hear the same stories all the time of small businesses getting bogged down in bureaucracy because of increasing customer numbers and manual scheduling. These businesses want to grow, but they simply don't have the right resources. Often times they are looking for a system that can simplify certain aspects of their work.

However, many of these systems are often too complex or too expensive. That is why companies often prefer not to use a software system at all. Many aspects that are relevant to cleaning companies are less important to the vast majority of other companies. As a result, what happens is that software developers often focus on products that primarily satisfy the needs of the largest customer base.

Our answer to the problem

Fortunately there are also cleaning companies that have started working on this. It was already clear to Klien 8 years ago that we had to keep up with the times. The trick is to start early so you have an edge over the rest of the market. Companies that have not started this process in time are often already behind the times. We created Klien-IT-Systems in part to answer this call for help from the industry.

Klien-IT-Systems is a combination of solutions for the administrative difficulties of the sector. We know what the weaknesses are and we know perfectly what the challenges are for cleaning companies. With our management system you can archive your most important data in one central online space. In addition to the system, an application has also been developed where employees can find all the information they need. The application is connected directly to the system. This means that employees don't have to go to the office as often and it works even faster. Indeed, they immediately receive the information they need. We have fully optimized the system and application for the cleaning industry, and we test it continuously here at Klien.

GPS Registration

Since you can never be everywhere at the same time, you need to find a way to understand what your employees are doing where. This is easy in other enterprises because there is a common physical workplace, such as the office. But in a cleaning company it's just the opposite. With our entry and exit GPS tracking, you can always see if your employees are at work and on what shift.

Key Registration

Key transfer is another administrative dilemma. Often when a key is lost it is someone's word against someone else's. Now there is a way to give employees key deposit responsibility. This will help staff, as they can prove that the key is not in their possession, just as it is useful to have an exact overview of who works where and with what key.

Administrative solutions

Klien-IT-Systems is a combination of solutions for the administrative difficulties of the sector. We know what the weaknesses are and we know perfectly what the challenges are for cleaning companies. With our management system you can archive your most important data in one central online space.

In addition to the system, an application has also been developed where employees can find all the information they need. The application is connected directly to the system, so employees don't have to go to the office as often and it works even faster. Indeed, they immediately receive the information they need. We have fully optimized the system and application for the cleaning industry, and we test it continuously here at Klien.

Additionally, the system also has a fully integrated accounting package. This means that you will no longer need an external package, because you will have everything centralized in one space. If you would like to keep the accounting package that you already have, we are of course willing to take a look at the various possibilities to keep it together with you.

The complete scheduling system allows you to fully automate the timetable. Employees can see the timetable and request time off or changes through the application. Thanks to this feature, you will always have a clear and complete perspective, which will allow you to adjust your schedule at any time. In addition, you will save a lot of paperwork and nothing will be lost, since everything is stored in the system.

The system includes all the features that small and medium-sized businesses need to thrive in the digitized world of the cleaning industry. The question is, of course, what future are we headed towards? At Klien-IT-Systems we are continuously working to improve and innovate our system and application. We listen to customers and staff who work with our system, so we are always open to suggestions, criticisms and new ideas. We use criticism and suggestions to fulfill the wishes of our customers in the best way.

Still face problems?

There is also a well-trained team behind this digital world, so if something is still not entirely clear to you, our team will be happy to help. We will do our best to make sure your digitizing process is as easy as possible.

With Klien-IT-Systems you prepare yourself for the future!

If you use old automation processes, your vision of the future for your company is destined not to be fulfilled. This is certainly a shame, as digitizing and automating your business can bring you huge profits.

That's why we're happy to help you make this process go smoothly, so you can take advantage of a system that's up to date.

Are you curious to know what we can do for your business or do you have other questions? Check out our website www.klien-it-systems.com, contact us or call us on +31 765208043.

Do you want to discover our system? Request a free demonstration now with no commitment!

Why planning with Excel is not optimal.

We can safely say that the success of a cleaning company is mainly due to easy, agile and well organized planning. However, in recent years, we noticed that in many cleaning companies there are complicated planning tables created for example with Excel or other software. The question that arises spontaneously is therefore the following: why do so many companies depend on Excel for personnel planning? Of course, it's easy to start with Excel, but clumsiness, typos, and general limitations of the program itself lead to problems in the long run. That is why our system is the best alternative for Excel for the cleaning industry.

Here we list four reasons why Excel will cause you trouble:

1. Time changes

With Excel even the smallest change lets you delete and add rows and columns, change colors, merge cells and many other changes. Clearly, this makes it impossible to respond quickly to the new time change.

2. Individual schedules

Different departments and locations each have their own worksheets, so to get a general overview of enterprise planning you will need to merge and integrate all worksheets. The problem is that by the time you're done, time scheduling will have become obsolete!

3. Search and replace

Let's imagine that the colleague who usually manages the planning with Excel cannot work today and therefore you have to search for another colleague via the Excel search function. The problem, however, is that it is not obvious that any of the other colleagues know how to use Excel or have the right skills to be able to create a detailed schedule with the program.

4. Plan for the next day

It is very unusual for clear and well-structured digital planning to be communicated to employees with Excel, especially if it has to be done today for tomorrow. Similarly, if you try to communicate time with manual scheduling, it usually gets confusing.

Conclusion- Planning with Excel won't help you grow as a business!

It often happens that cleaning companies continue to use confusing software and processes. This can happen due to lack of time to sift through all options and adopt a new and better system. In reality, however, you save a lot more money and effort by stopping using Excel! The Klien-IT-Systems alternative for Excel is the best solution for the cleaning industry. At Klien-IT-Systems all planning is stored in the cloud. This allows you to view and adjust the timetable from anywhere and at any time.

In addition, our planning is very clear, simple and advanced. For example all employees can see their timetable on their app, both for general and specific timetable overviews. Find out how planning on our software works in our blog or request a free demonstration to see all the possibilities that Klien-IT-Systems software offers you.

What is a ERP system?

ERP is the abbreviation for enterprise resource planning. An ERP system is software that we use within organizations to support all processes within a company. To achieve this, the administrative, financial, commercial and logistical processes are under this system.

What is the meaning?

Klien-IT-Systems has its own system to simplify all administrative tasks in the cleaning industry. Think of the schedules, time registration, accounting tasks and more. But what exactly is an ERP System? In this article we explain it for you. Companies that do not yet use such a system often work with different software packages. As a result, information cannot flow directly from one department to another. An ERP system provides all employees of a company with a central, shared working environment in which data is recorded once. This working environment is accessible to everyone at any time of the day. In this way, everyone within the company has the same information at their disposal. As a result, less time and money is spend on correcting errors, which will in the saving of time and money. A good system automatically leads to lower costs, shorter process times and better service.

The benefits.

An ERP system offers numerous advantages to a company, and we'll highlight the key ones below. A software system empowers every employee to directly access and utilize all data, significantly enhancing their productivity and fostering stronger internal collaboration. Moreover, it allows for diverse work approaches, acknowledging that each employee may have their unique methods. Implementing an ERP system standardizes work procedures within the company, mandating employees to adhere to prescribed processes, with the flexibility to incorporate other business rules as needed.

When adopting an system, businesses can leverage best practices for specific tasks to streamline processes, simplifying the pursuit and maintenance of high-quality standards. Additionally, the transfer of tasks becomes more efficient, reducing time and energy expenditures. Many routine activities in a company must be carried out daily to ensure smooth operations. The automation of these tasks can lead to significant time savings for employees.

Furthermore, business processes play a pivotal role in a company's development. An ERP system connects all these processes, facilitating the generation of comprehensive reports. This is due to the analysis software having access to a wider array of data sources, allowing for more in-depth insights and a richer display of figures.

What is an ERP system for cleaning companies?

With Klien-IT-Systems' ERP system, your cleaning company gains comprehensive control over all business processes. From accounting to planning, our integrated system covers it all, eliminating the need for external packages. Our system streamlines planning and includes a mobile app for employees to access and request leave. It also offers smart time tracking and location services, providing insights into absenteeism and key ownership. Manage debtors efficiently, gain customer payment behavior insights, and save time with automatic invoice generation. Keep all data centralized, ensuring you always have up-to-date information. Our industry-specific software is designed for the cleaning sector, offering peace of mind, overview, and administrative relief. It's affordable and complete, helping your company stay competitive in today's digital landscape. Discover how our ERP system can transform your cleaning business.

Curious how such a system works in practice? Request a free demo ! Do you want to know more about how an ERP system works or what the possibilities are for your company? Feel free to contact us via the contact form, via info@klien-it-systems.nl or call us on 076 – 520 80 43. If you are interested in our system, request a demo without obligation!

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