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Absenteeism is a major issue in the cleaning industry, posing many challenges for businesses. Klien-IT-Systems has devised a real solution. Our software makes it easier for companies to tackle absenteeism by simplifying and clarifying everything.

The Issue of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is more than just not being able to come to work. It's also about how people feel about their job. If people think their work isn't important, they're more likely to call in sick. Our software helps show everyone how important their work is, which can help reduce this problem.

What Does Our Software Do?

We have created a system to make sure that you can see everything about the absenteeism in your company. For example, on the home page we immediately display the sick leave percentage. This allows you to act accordingly and substitute a cleaner in the planning, so that your planning does not fall apart. Our software ensures that you can act swiftly and make improvements regarding your absenteeism, wherever it is needed. It's simple, yet powerful and it keeps your business healthy.  

The Importance of Cleaning Work

In today's world, the role of cleaning has become even more important. Not just for hygiene and health standards, which have always been critical, but also for the public confidence and community well-being. We have created an app which is accessible to everyone in the company, streamlining all processes for every employee. In this way, the cleaners themselves also get the app, which we have made super simple for everyone. By creating an app not only for the administrative sector of a company, but also for the hardworking cleaner themselves, we aim to create a culture of respect and recognition for the cleaning staff.

Enhancing Workplace Efficiency

While our software does not directly prevent illness, it significantly contributes to creating a more efficient, organised, and stress-free workplace. By streamlining tasks such as scheduling, task assignment, and tracking work progress, we reduce the workload and pressure on cleaning staff. This indirect approach helps in maintaining a healthier work environment by allowing staff to focus on their tasks without the added burden of administrative chaos, potentially reducing stress-related absenteeism and improving overall job satisfaction.

Fostering Appreciation and Communication

Appreciation and effective communication are pivotal in any workplace, and the cleaning industry is no exception. Our platform facilitates seamless interaction between management and staff, ensuring that everyone's hard work is recognized and valued. This reinforcement of positive feedback and clear communication not only boosts morale but also builds a sense of belonging and importance among the team members. It's a simple yet powerful way to keep the workforce motivated, engaged, and less prone to absenteeism, fostering a healthy and productive workplace culture.


Klien-IT-Systems offers a streamlined, effective solution to support the cleaning industry in its daily challenges. While our technology may not directly prevent sickness, it plays a crucial role in creating an environment where the cleaning staff feels valued, supported, and efficiently organized. This, in turn, contributes to a healthier, happier team and a more robust, thriving cleaning business. Through our innovative software, we're committed to helping your business grow and remain resilient.

Klien-IT-Systems' Innovative Solution

The cleaning industry faces numerous challenges: from shrinking margins and rising wages to the importance of sustainability and the complexity of administrative tasks. We understand these challenges and offer a revolutionary solution in managing cleaning processes with our complete, all-in-one software package. Software systems are gradually becoming the new standard in the cleaning industry. And because sustainability is central to us, we have designed the system to meet not only today's needs but also those of the future.

Intuitive App for Total Control

At the heart of our solution is our mobile app, which empowers all employees to manage their work, wherever they are. In an industry where employees are spread across various locations, our app brings everyone together and provides management with real-time insights into the progress of tasks, from initial contact to final delivery.

Advanced Planning, Maximum Efficiency

A smoothly running schedule is crucial for any cleaning company. Our advanced scheduling feature goes beyond traditional rosters. Instead, it offers a dynamic and flexible solution that accounts for unexpected changes. This allows all members of your team to focus on what they do best.

Grow with Confidence

At Klien-IT-Systems, we offer change. A vision where technology minimizes the hassle of administrative tasks as much as possible. This leaves more time for building relationships and improving processes that truly make a difference - such as streamlined operations, promoting well-being in the workplace, and increasing employee satisfaction.

The Power of Openness

Klien-IT-Systems stands for a no-nonsense approach. No hidden costs, no surprises for additional payments for 'necessary' features. We offer a complete package with all functionalities, accessible from the moment you join us. We build relationships with our clients based on trust and openness. If there are challenges, we stand side by side with our clients to find a solution together. That is what we see as the essence of a sustainable partnership.

The Success of Implementation in Your Hands

Adapting to the new standard and switching to a new system can be challenging, but its success largely depends on your willingness to change. Our platform is designed to make this transition seamless and natural. As a result, you experience significant progress and your business is propelled to new heights.

Automation as a Growth Accelerator

Automation is not just a means to increase efficiency; it's a growth accelerator that enables you to scale your business without a proportional increase in your administrative staff. This allows you to focus on what really matters: your employees, your customers, and the quality of your service.

At Klien-IT-Systems, we are more than a software provider; we are a partner on your journey towards innovation and growth. A partner who stands by you, ready to redefine the cleaning industry with smart and sustainable changes. We are here to set the new standard.

In a world which is rapidly embracing digital solutions, the cleaning industry is no exception. At Klien-IT-Systems, we’re not just part of this transformation; we’re leading it. Our mission is to digitise the cleaning industry, enhancing efficiency, and optimising operations through our advanced software solutions. But in this digital age, as we streamline your operations, we understand that the Security & Privacy of your interactions are paramount.

Our commitment to security & privacy

At Klien-IT-Systems, Security & Privacy are not just features but the foundation of our digital solutions. We designed our software to digitise laborious tasks such as accounting, salaries, time & key management and planning. Your transition to digital includes the protection fo your data.

Data security & privacy at it's core 

We collect data solely to enhance our service delivery, streamline communication, improve marketing and ensure the optimal performance of our services. Our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a testament to our commitment to data privacy and security. This ensures that your data is not only processed transparently but also with the utmost care and in accordance with the highest legal standards.

Firewall security & privacy

We have commited to safeguarding you data. This is further strengthened by our Robust Firewall Protection. This acts as a barrier between our trusted internal network and untrusted external networks, meticulously controlling the traffic based on predetermined security rules. Our firewall protection is a critical component in defending against unauthorized access and potential threats, ensuring that your data remains secure and protected.

Continuous improvement and innovation

In our quest to serve you better, our team is always working on upgrading our software systems. Security and privacy are not just part of this upgrade; they are at its forefront. We have dedicated to integrating the latest and most robust security measures into our systems. Your trust in us is never misplaced

Always here for you

We have dedicated ourselves to outstanding customer service. We understand that questions about security and privacy are the most important. That is why our helpdesk is staffed by a team ready to help you with any questions. Whether it's a query about our services or a concern about your data, we are here to assist you with whatever you need.

Reach out to us!

Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you have any questions or need further clarification about our security and privacy measures, please feel free to reach out. You can email us at info@klien-it-systems.nl or call us at 085- 013 42 19


In your journey towards digitalization, Klien-IT-Systems is not just a service provider; we are your trusted partner. Join us in transforming the cleaning industry, one digital solution at a time, always secure, always private.

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