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Why planning with Excel is not optimal.

We can safely say that the success of a cleaning company is mainly due to easy, agile and well organized planning. However, in recent years, we noticed that in many cleaning companies there are complicated planning tables created for example with Excel or other software. The question that arises spontaneously is therefore the following: why do so many companies depend on Excel for personnel planning? Of course, it's easy to start with Excel, but clumsiness, typos, and general limitations of the program itself lead to problems in the long run. That is why our system is the best alternative for Excel for the cleaning industry.

Here we list four reasons why Excel will cause you trouble:

1. Time changes

With Excel even the smallest change lets you delete and add rows and columns, change colors, merge cells and many other changes. Clearly, this makes it impossible to respond quickly to the new time change.

2. Individual schedules

Different departments and locations each have their own worksheets, so to get a general overview of enterprise planning you will need to merge and integrate all worksheets. The problem is that by the time you're done, time scheduling will have become obsolete!

3. Search and replace

Let's imagine that the colleague who usually manages the planning with Excel cannot work today and therefore you have to search for another colleague via the Excel search function. The problem, however, is that it is not obvious that any of the other colleagues know how to use Excel or have the right skills to be able to create a detailed schedule with the program.

4. Plan for the next day

It is very unusual for clear and well-structured digital planning to be communicated to employees with Excel, especially if it has to be done today for tomorrow. Similarly, if you try to communicate time with manual scheduling, it usually gets confusing.

Conclusion- Planning with Excel won't help you grow as a business!

It often happens that cleaning companies continue to use confusing software and processes. This can happen due to lack of time to sift through all options and adopt a new and better system. In reality, however, you save a lot more money and effort by stopping using Excel! The Klien-IT-Systems alternative for Excel is the best solution for the cleaning industry. At Klien-IT-Systems all planning is stored in the cloud. This allows you to view and adjust the timetable from anywhere and at any time.

In addition, our planning is very clear, simple and advanced. For example all employees can see their timetable on their app, both for general and specific timetable overviews. Find out how planning on our software works in our blog or request a free demonstration to see all the possibilities that Klien-IT-Systems software offers you.

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