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Navigating Key Challenges in the Cleaning Business.

At 7:00 AM, one of your employees finds themselves without the correct key, while another struggles to remember the alarm code. If you’re an employer in the cleaning industry, scenarios like these probably sound all too familiar. Key-related issues and organizational frustrations are daily problems for many cleaning companies. Thankfully, our ERP system has made this a thing of the past.

Klien-IT-Systems: Tailored Solutions for the Cleaning Industry

Klien-IT-Systems isn't your typical ERP system provider. We have built this system specifically for the cleaning industry. And because we have deep roots in the cleaning industry, and we understand the unique problems you face, our ERP system is equipped with a range of specialized cleaning-specific tools to address the problems cleaning companies are facing today.

Key Management Tool

Managing keys has been a traditional headache for cleaning companies. The hassle of keeping meticulous records of who holds which key can be overwhelming. That's where our ERP system steps in. With our system, you gain complete control and visibility over key management.

You'll always know who has which key, and you can even trace the key's journey through time, from one employee to another. No more lost keys or frustrating code-related mysteries.

The best part? Your employees can easily transfer keys using our mobile app, eliminating administrative burdens. With just a few taps, they can seamlessly hand over keys, making your life as an employer simpler and stress-free.

Are you ready to bid farewell to key-related problems and explore the range of tools we offer to optimize your cleaning business?

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