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An ERP system is software that organizations use to actively support and integrate all processes within their company. This system effectively encompasses administrative, financial, commercial, and logistics processes, ensuring seamless operations.

What is the meaning of an ERP system?

Klien-IT-Systems has its own ERP system to make all administrative tasks in the cleaning industry easier. Think of the schedules, the time registration, accounting tasks and more. But what exactly is such a System? In this article we explain it for you. Companies that do not yet use an ERP system often work with different software packages. As a result, information cannot flow directly from one department to another. With an ERP system, all employees of a company get a central, joint working environment in which data is recorded once. This working environment is accessible to everyone at any time of the day. In this way, everyone within the company has the same information at their disposal. As a result, less time and money has to be spent on correcting errors, resulting in a saving of time and money. A good system automatically leads to lower costs, shorter process times and better service.


ERP system

An ERP system offers a company several key advantages, and we'll outline the most crucial ones below. An ERP system guarantees that every employee can instantly access and utilize all data, boosting employee productivity and fostering internal collaboration. Furthermore, it accommodates various work styles, recognizing that each employee has their unique approach. Implementing an ERP system enforces standardization in how the company operates.

Cultivating Efficiency and Quality with ERP Systems

The system actively enforces employees to adhere to established procedures, and it allows for the introduction of other company rules. When integrating an ERP system, it leverages the 'best practices' of specific business tasks to optimize processes, simplifying the attainment and maintenance of high-quality standards. Moreover, task transfers are no longer as time and energy-consuming.

Certain daily standard activities are crucial to a company's operations, and the automation of these tasks results in substantial time savings for employees. Beyond these tasks, business processes play a vital role within the company. Analyzing these processes is essential for a company's growth, and an ERP system seamlessly connects all business processes.

As a result, the system enables the generation of more extensive reports. The analysis software has access to multiple data sources, enhancing its ability to provide in-depth figures and insights.

What is an ERP system for cleaning companies?

Klien-IT-Systems' ERP system offers a centralized solution for your cleaning company, streamlining all your business processes and providing a comprehensive overview of every department and data. From accounting to planning, everything you need is within our ERP system, eliminating the need for external software. Our integrated accounting package ensures seamless financial management.

Our system allows you to fully automate your scheduling, and employees can conveniently access and request leave through a mobile app. With our smart clock system, time tracking and location monitoring are a breeze, providing insights into employee absenteeism. You can also effortlessly manage key ownership within the system.

Our ERP software provides real-time insights into financial figures, simplifying debtor management and automated payment reminders. Additionally, it generates invoices automatically, saving you valuable time. With all your data in one central place, you'll always have up-to-date information, even when staff changes occur.

Our ERP system also offers an employee app for on-the-floor access to essential data, including time registration, schedule viewing, and leave requests, ensuring efficient operations.

Why us?

Of all software packages, Klien-IT-Systems is best suited to the cleaning industry. As a result, our software for cleaning companies contains all the functions you need. The ERP system is made for all cleaning companies. This allows you to control your business processes from one central system. Our system provides peace of mind, overview and alleviation of administrative pressure. The software is affordable, complete and industry-specific for cleaning companies. In this way we want to give the entire cleaning industry the opportunity to be able to digitize. In this way we help every company to keep up with current developments.

Request a demo!

Curious how such a system works in practice? Request a free demo! Would you like to know more about how an ERP system works or what the possibilities are for your company? Feel free to contact us via the contact form, via info@klien-it-systems.nl or call us on 076 – 520 80 43. If you are interested in our system, request a demo without obligation!


Have you ever experienced it? You visually have a complete picture of what something should look like, but there is no ERP system that actually does what your specific service needs. Within the cleaning industry, more and more companies are struggling with this problem. So we decided to solve this problem and help with the digitalization of the cleaning industry.

You hear the same stories over and over about small businesses that end up in red tape because of a growing customer base and manual planning. These companies want to grow, but simply don't have the resources. They often look for a system that can make certain things easier.

However, many of those systems are often too extensive or too expensive. These systems therefore deter people from using them. Many matters that are relevant for cleaning companies are less relevant for the vast majority of companies. As a result, system developers often focus on serving the largest group of customers by setting up their system accordingly.

Fortunately, there are also cleaning companies that have started working on this. At Klien cleaning BV it was already clear 8 years ago that they had to keep up with the times. The trick is to start as early as possible, so that you have an edge over the rest of the market. The companies that have not started this in time are often behind the curve. We created Klien IT-Systems partly due to this call for help from the sector.

Klien IT-Systems is a combination of solutions for administrative difficulties within the industry. We know the bottlenecks and know exactly what other companies within the sector are struggling with. We help with the digitalization of the cleaning industry.

With our ERP system you can store all your important data in one central online place. In addition to the system, we have also developed an application in which employees can process all the necessary information. The application is directly linked to the system, so employees don't have to go to the office as often and it also works faster from the office. They immediately receive the necessary information. We have fully optimized the system and application for the cleaning industry and continuously tested it at the cleaning company Klien.

Due to the fact that you can never be everywhere at once, you need to find a way to keep track of what your employees are doing and where they are. At other companies, this is easy to keep track of, because they are all located in the office, for example. But with a cleaning company, it's quite the opposite. With our GPS clock in and out, you can always see whether your employees are on location and at which time slots.

The transfer of keys is also an administrative dilemma. Often when a key is lost it is word against word. Now there is a way to give employees responsibility for key handovers themselves. This will help the employee, because they can prove that the key is not in their possession. But it's also useful to have insight into exactly who is walking around with which key.

In addition, the system also has a fully integrated accounting package. This means that you no longer need an external package, so that all things remain in one central place. If you would like to keep your own accounting package, we are of course willing to look at the possibilities together.

The complete scheduling system allows you to fully automate scheduling. Employees can view the schedule and request leave via an application. Because the employees can request leave in the application, you always have a complete and clear overview and you can easily adjust the planning accordingly. In addition, it will save a lot of paperwork and nothing can be lost, since everything is stored in the system.

Furthermore, the system includes all functionalities that SMEs need to grow within the digitizing world of the cleaning industry. The question is, of course, where are we going in the future? At Klien IT-Systems we are continuously working on improving and supplementing our system and the application. We listen to customers and employees who work with our system, so we are always open to feedback and new ideas. We use the feedback to make the system meet the customer's wishes even better.

The ERP system is clear and user-friendly, which improves the working atmosphere and saves a lot of time and energy.

We also have a team behind who are skilled in the digital world, so if something is not clear to you, the team will gladly help you. We will do our utmost to ensure that your digitalization process runs as smoothly as possible.

With Klien-IT-Systems you become Future-FIT.

If you only stick to digitization or outdated automation processes, your future plan is doomed to fail. That would be a shame of course, since the digitization and automation of your company can provide you with enormous benefits.

This is what we are happy to help you with to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy a future-fit system.

Curious about what we can do for your company or do you have any questions? Please take a look at our website (www.klien-it-systems.nl), contact us via info@klien-it-systems.nl or call us on 076 – 520 80 43.

Interested in our system? then request a demo without obligations!

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