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All business processes of your cleaning company in one system. With the ERP system of Klien IT Systems you have an overview of all departments and data. From accounting to planning, you will find everything in our system.
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Aspects of the ERP system

- for cleaning companies -

Fully integrated Accounting Package

Klien IT Systems has its own accounting package that is fully integrated into the ERP system. You no longer need an external package. If you do want to keep your own accounting package, we can look at the possibilities together.

Complete Planningssystem

With the help of our system you can fully automate your planning. Employees can also view this planning and request leave via an app.

A smart clock in- and out system on GPS (Time Registration)

The ERP system contains a smart clock in- and out system with time registration and location determination. Employees can easily clock in with a mobile app. You can also gain insight into the absenteeism of employees.

Key Management

In the system you can keep an up-to-date overview of who is responsible for a key.

Creditors and Debtors

With the help of the ERP system you always have insight into the figures. In this way you can easily manage the debtors and send payment reminders. You also gain insight into the payment behaviour of the customers. In addition, the invoices are automatically created, which saves you a lot of time.

Central data storage

A major advantage of the system is that you can find all data in one place. This way you are always aware of the current figures and you do not lose any data when staff leaves. In this way you will find all employee and project data in the system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You can also keep track of the relationships in the ERP system so that you always have insight into it.

Mobile App for cleaning personnel

The ERP system also has a mobile app for employees in which they can view all the necessary data directly in the workplace. Matters like clocking in viewing planning and requesting furlough can also be done via the mobile app.

Other aspects of our ERP system

In addition to the above components, you can do a lot more with our system.
A few examples:
  • Processing invoices
  • Processing payments and a link to creditors and debtors
  • Financial dashboard
  • Credit management
  • Calculate hours worked and gross wages of employees
  • Stock management
  • Reminder of expiring (labour) contracts
  • Outline of tenders
  • Projects overview (map)
  • Recording of complaints and other comments
  • Birthday reminders
In addition to the things listed above, there are also some extra aspects which you can find in our mobile App.
  • Overview of hours paid
  • Travel administration
  • Ordering of cleaning products
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