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Human Resources internship

Who is Klien?

Klien BV takes care of cleaning work for private individuals, we are partners with various local clients for periodic and specialist cleaning work, we cover shortages in hospitals and we have several dental and GP practices, medicine centers and clean rooms in cleaning maintenance. A variety of work, in other words.

There are currently more than 85 employees working at Klien. Moreover, Klien is an industry/ ISO/ CSR recognized cleaning company.

Who is Klien-IT-Systems?

The cleaning industry is changing rapidly, especially in the field of digitalization and automation. The cleaning company Klien has anticipated this by developing an ERP software system. This took 7 years, and now the entire company is managed through it.

The purpose of this software system was to overcome the daily processes and hectic, but this has grown into an extensive, professional, simple and complete ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning System).

Since the software system was developed from the cleaning industry for the cleaning industry, our system uniquely connects to the cleaning companies. Hence, the ambition has grown to bring the system to the market. This is how Klien-IT-Systems was born.

The mission and vision of Klien-IT-Systems

Les fournisseurs actuels de logiciels pour le secteur du nettoyage sont disproportionnellement chers, incomplets, dépassés et peu transparents. C'est là que nous voulons apporter un changement.

With Klien-IT-Systems we want to make digitalization possible for the entire cleaning industry and raise the quality of our services to a higher level.

We want to achieve this by offering our complete ERP system, which fully meets the needs of a cleaning company, at a low price.

At the moment we are focusing on the Dutch cleaning industry. It is our ambition to roll out this system abroad as well. Think of Germany, Belgium and Italy. The first steps are already being taken.

What is Klien-IT-Systems looking for?

Klien-IT-Systems is looking for an independent and proactive fulltime intern;

Who, for a continuous period starting in January/February, will take up and deal with HRM issues within the company. Our preference is to start mid-January/February 2023. This can possibly be adjusted in mutual consultation.

In addition, excellent communication skills are very important. A good command of the Dutch language in word and writing is necessary. Excellent communication skills are also very important. You must be able to stand your ground and not have a 9 to 5 mentality. You are a team player and have an analytical mind.

Studies of relevance

  • HR
  • (Business Administration)
  • (Facility Management)
  • Other courses relevant to this internship assignment

Your task

During your internship you will help to set up and further develop challenging HRM issues.
Think of customer satisfaction surveys, making processes comply with the collective labor agreement, supporting employees, user-friendliness of the software, the AVG and so on.

Since Klien-IT-Systems BV is still a fairly young and new company, you will have a lot of input to give. You have the opportunity to develop things yourself, which are actually used and put into operation. In this company, your creativity is actually valued and taken seriously.

Your colleagues at Klien-IT-Systems

During your internship period, you will work (physically) in our office. You will be the direct sparring partner of the owner of Klien-IT-Systems, the programmer, the planning department, the project team and the finance/accounting department of Klien.

We also work a lot with interns which makes the team of Klien-IT-Systems young, productive and fun.

What do we offer?

Of course, we offer a decent internship fee for a full-time internship of 32-40 hours per week. You will have the opportunity to work with a young and energetic team to bring a great software system to the market and make it big.

Interested or looking for additional information?

Are you interested in this challenging internship and would you like to work with us to expand your knowledge and experience? Then we would like to receive your application with CV and motivation letter.

For more information you can contact us via telephone number +31 76 520 80 43, via our website; www.klien-it-systems.com or by e-mail to informes@klien-it-systems.es.

¿Desea conocer más?

¿Desea obtener más información sobre el costo del sistema ERP para su empresa o analizar las posibilidades?

No dude en contactarnos en informes@klien-it-systems.es O llame al 085 - 013 42 19

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