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Scheduling Software for the cleaning Industry

In the often hectic cleaning industry, the focus isn't immediately on the IT behind schedules. However, as the company grows, it's efficient to consider scheduling software specifically designed for the cleaning industry. At Klien-IT, we have extensive experience with cleaning, and we know that scheduling often leads to headaches. What do you do in case of absenteeism or other unexpected events?

Time saving

Why is this software so special? Firstly, with the Klien-IT Systems software, cleaners spend less time moving and more time actually cleaning. This allows you to serve more customers without unnecessary delays. You also increase customer satisfaction as you can specify certain wishes per customer in the system. And don't forget the added benefit of fewer mistakes and avoiding double bookings thanks to centralized data management.

Business Insight

Having insight into the schedule is useful, but the software also shows trends and performances of your organization. Linked with your inventory, you can also see which products need to be purchased and the expected costs.

Simple and Efficient

Managing various cleaning teams across different locations can be complex. But with Klien-IT Systems software, this complexity is turned into simplicity. It ensures that resources are effectively utilized and customers experience the best possible service.

Free demo for your organization

Choosing a (new) software system isn't a decision made in a day. However, we'd like to show you all the possibilities in a non-committal demo. During the demo request, we set up the system based on your organization, so you truly understand the benefits of our system. Do you have questions first? Please contact us.

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