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Gijs van der Mars - Student Business Administration

Before the internship period started, the university told them that this will be a tough time and that companies will expect a lot from interns. They were right that it is certainly a challenge as a student to solve a complex issue for the first time within a company where you are also present at the office.
Fortunately, Antonio and Raymond offered a lot of support to achieve a good end result. From day one there was a very positive atmosphere in the office that has only increased over the period. Everyone is willing to help each other and everyone ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. As a result, there is a lot of room for questions, guidance, but also a lot of fun!

Because the team is very young and diverse, there is a lot of room for fun and conviviality, so the closing drink on Friday afternoon is always a nice conclusion to a pleasant week in which we worked well.

In short, a must for anyone looking for a fun and educational internship! I ended this internship with a nice 8.

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