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Addressing Absenteeism With Klien-IT-Systems

Absenteeism is a major issue in the cleaning industry, posing many challenges for businesses. Klien-IT-Systems has devised a real solution. Our software makes it easier for companies to tackle absenteeism by simplifying and clarifying everything.

The Issue of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is more than just not being able to come to work. It's also about how people feel about their job. If people think their work isn't important, they're more likely to call in sick. Our software helps show everyone how important their work is, which can help reduce this problem.

What Does Our Software Do?

We have created a system to make sure that you can see everything about the absenteeism in your company. For example, on the home page we immediately display the sick leave percentage. This allows you to act accordingly and substitute a cleaner in the planning, so that your planning does not fall apart. Our software ensures that you can act swiftly and make improvements regarding your absenteeism, wherever it is needed. It's simple, yet powerful and it keeps your business healthy.  

The Importance of Cleaning Work

In today's world, the role of cleaning has become even more important. Not just for hygiene and health standards, which have always been critical, but also for the public confidence and community well-being. We have created an app which is accessible to everyone in the company, streamlining all processes for every employee. In this way, the cleaners themselves also get the app, which we have made super simple for everyone. By creating an app not only for the administrative sector of a company, but also for the hardworking cleaner themselves, we aim to create a culture of respect and recognition for the cleaning staff.

Enhancing Workplace Efficiency

While our software does not directly prevent illness, it significantly contributes to creating a more efficient, organised, and stress-free workplace. By streamlining tasks such as scheduling, task assignment, and tracking work progress, we reduce the workload and pressure on cleaning staff. This indirect approach helps in maintaining a healthier work environment by allowing staff to focus on their tasks without the added burden of administrative chaos, potentially reducing stress-related absenteeism and improving overall job satisfaction.

Fostering Appreciation and Communication

Appreciation and effective communication are pivotal in any workplace, and the cleaning industry is no exception. Our platform facilitates seamless interaction between management and staff, ensuring that everyone's hard work is recognized and valued. This reinforcement of positive feedback and clear communication not only boosts morale but also builds a sense of belonging and importance among the team members. It's a simple yet powerful way to keep the workforce motivated, engaged, and less prone to absenteeism, fostering a healthy and productive workplace culture.


Klien-IT-Systems offers a streamlined, effective solution to support the cleaning industry in its daily challenges. While our technology may not directly prevent sickness, it plays a crucial role in creating an environment where the cleaning staff feels valued, supported, and efficiently organized. This, in turn, contributes to a healthier, happier team and a more robust, thriving cleaning business. Through our innovative software, we're committed to helping your business grow and remain resilient.

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