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We strive to make the system as user-friendly as possible. We try to achieve this by setting up the system in a clear and simple way, providing online help tools so you find the answer where you get the question, and constantly looking at where we can improve ourselves.
If you have any questions or are unable to solve something, a help desk is always available. And all the service always within your monthly cost for the software package.

All help always free and personal 

Remote assistance

If you have any questions or problems, Klien-IT's helpdesk is available by phone and email during extended office hours from 8:30 to 17:30. 5 days a week. This service is always free of charge.
Should it not be possible to clarify your issue in this way, it is also always possible to schedule a Zoom-meeting so that we can look at it 

Assistance at your office

If you want to get help with a larger group at a time, or for  a longer block of time, there is always the possibility that we will visit you at your office. In this way we provide personal contact.
It is also possible to visit us at our office. In the meeting rooms we give webinars, trainings and more. 

Easy switch over service

To save you and your company as much time as possible, Klien-IT will support you in the start- and set-up. 
In the system, there are also multiple possibilities to import data in your account. Think about your employees, clients, suppliers and many more. Saves time and stress

Would you like to know more? Schedule a free demo!

Write us on info@klien-it-systems.com or call 085 - 013 42 19. Would you like to try the system for free? Request a demo!
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