Schoonmaakplanners – Stop nu met plannen in Excel!

The success of a cleaning company is largely due to an easy, agile and well- arranged planning.
In recent years, however, we have seen complicated schedules at several cleaning companies. This was often done via, for example, Excel or another software system.

Why are many cleaning companies, so dependent on Excel? It is of course easy to start with Excel, but the awkwardness, typing errors and limited grip, always lead to limitations and problems in the long run.
here are four reasons why Excel will cause problems:

  1. schedule changes

In excel, even the smallest change leads to deleting and adding new rows, changing colours, merging cells and many other changes. This makes it impossible to respond quickly to the schedule.

  1. Individual schedules

Different departments and locations have their own spreadsheet. To get to grips with the planning of the whole company, you will have to merge and integrate alle the spreadsheets. By the time you’re done with this, the schedule will already be obsolete.

  1. Search and replace

A colleague drops out, now you are looking for the right replacement. There is no other option than to search for this colleague via the search function in excel, but then it is not yet known whether this also has  the right knowledge and materials.

  1. Planning for tomorrow

It is unlikely that a clear, digital planning can be communicated to employees via Excel. Everything has to be manual and cumbersome.

Conclusion – Excel planning helps you fail!

It often happens that cleaning organizations stick to existing clumsy software and processes. Usually this is due to a lack of time to explore all options and move to a new, better system. But it would save a lot of time and money if you eventually get rid of excel or some other software system.

The solution – Klien-IT-Systems for the cleaning industry

At Klien-IT-Systems, the entire planning is stored in the cloud. This allows you  to view and adjust the schedule anywhere and at any time. In addition, our planning is very clear, simple and advanced. For example, all employees can view their planning via our app, are there total overviews or specific personal overviews.
You can read more about our planning in our next blog. Or request our demo version to see what is possible in our system!