Prices Klien IT-Systems softwarepackage

View the prices for using Klien IT Systems on this page. The prices are tailored to the number of employees within your organisation. You have immediate complete access to all functionalities of the system. This way you can immediately take full advantage of all the possibilities and it is not necessary to purchase separate modules later. Does your company have more than 200 employees? We will gladly make a tailor-made proposal!

Our advantages

  1. When paying per year you get a month discount
  2. Direct access to all current and future modules!
  3. An unlimited number of users and data storage!
  4. Work in our cloud so you do not have to purchase a server!
  5. No additional implementation costs!
  6. Complete Klien-IT-Systems service!

Overview of monthly costs!

Up to 5

€ 49,-

Per month / VAT excl.

Up to 15

€ 99,-

Per month / VAT excl.

Up to 30 employees

€ 199,-

Per month / VAT excl.

Up to 100 employees

€ 299,-

Per month / VAT excl.

Up to 150 employees

€ 399,-

Per month / VAT excl.

Up to 200 employees

€ 599,-

Per month / VAT excl.

One month free with annual payment! Direct access to all current and future modules! An unlimited number of users and data storage! Work in our Cloud, no own server needed! No implementation costs! Complete Klien-IT-Systems service!

Frequently asked questions

View the most frequently asked questions here. Check if your question is listed below, then you will immediately have the answer!

If you can’t figure it out, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you!

Payment per year

If you opt for payment per year, the entire amount for purchasing the system will be charged at the beginning of each year. All twelve months are therefore processed at once, instead of each month separately.

If you pay per year, you will also receive a discount of one month per calendar year. This is included in the rates above.

Payment per month

If you choose to pay per month, an invoice will be charged at the end of each month, instead of at the beginning of the year for the entire year.

Besides the rates above, there are no additional costs for your company per month. You have direct access to the entire system with all its modules. If we develop a new module, you have direct access to it. In addition, an unlimited number of users in the system are possible.

Because we have developed a mobile app in addition to our system, everyone in your company can use the system. This includes personnel from your office, personnel on the workplace and personnel on the road.

In addition, we are developing a customer portal, which will allow you to keep in touch with your customers in a simple and controlled manner. More on this later!

When using our software package, you can manage the number of users yourself at all times in your account. This allows you to easily change the number of users if your company grows quickly, without extra costs. The number of users to be added is unlimited by default.

With each contract extension, it is determined how many employees you company has. The number of employees you have at that moment determines whether or not your contract will be adjusted to a contract that corresponds to the number of employees.

In the meantime, you can of course continue to grow and add employees, because you have the option of an unlimited number of users at all times. Only the moment of purchase or extension is important for what rate applies to you.

Employees are understood to mean; the number that is stated on the collective wage statement and the number of employees that are processed via a payroll and/or temporary employment structure.

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All your business processes of your cleaning company in one system.

With the ERP system from Klien-IT-Systems you have an overview of all departments and data.

From accounting to planning, you will find everything in our system.