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Time Registration - An essential part of your company

Time Registration

From May 2019 time registration is an official obligation in our cleaning industry. Employers must indicate the following for each employee during an inspection:

  • Start and ending of working hours;
  • Breaks and overtime hours;
  • Furlough, vacation and sick hours.

Cleaning companies can determine themselves how they organize the time registration of their employees. But if this is missing or incomplete, the government may impose fines. These can go up to €10.000 per staff member!
When a check takes place, it is therefore necessary to provide direct insight into the work hours of all employees. You are not waiting for a sky-high fine.
With our system, we help the cleaning industry in two ways:

  1. With our clear time registration system;
  2. With a smart and advanced clocking in/out system.

Hour registration

With Klien-IT-Systems, your employees can easily register their hours worked, breaks and overtime via the app. This is just a matter of a few clicks for practical use.
The system stores the hours confirmed by your employees in a digital timesheet overview. It provides a per-employee view of which project they worked on, when they worked, the duration, and any breaks taken. In this way, with our system you can view the time sheets of your employees anywhere and at any time and have the correct proof at all times.

Clocking in/out system and time registration

In addition to the essential time registration, our system also has a clocking in/out system on GPS.
With this system, your employee can easily clock in when he/she starts cleaning. When your employee has finished cleaning, he/she clocks out in the same way. In this way it is possible to keep track of who has clocked in where and how much time  your employees have actually worked (with any breaks and overtime) at the correct location by means of the built-in GPS.
These correct clock times are then also stored in the system and saved.

The Klien-IT-Systems system takes care of the entire time registration with control function for your company.

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