Service software cleaning companies

When you decide to start working with software from Klien-IT Systems, you automatically have access to our full service. We offer customer service during the full process of implementing and working with our system. Klien IT-Systems will always be there for you. Our service exists of different aspects, which vary from a full system manual to personal help on location.

The service of Klien IT Systems

Cleaning industry software manual

After purchasing the Klien-IT-Systems software package, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive manual. This gives an extensive and logical explanation of how our system works. The digital version of the manual is constantly updated, for example with new modules.


With the help of short instruction video’s, we can make it easy for you to learn how to use our system. Your employees on location can also use the training video’s to learn how to use the application.

Remote assistance

If you run into questions or problems while using our software, you can always contact the Klien IT Systems back office.

This can be done via telephone or e-mail, but also through TeamViewer, Skype or Zoom.

Assistance on location

It is also possible to get assistance on location. We offer sessions from at least half an office day (4 hours), excluding the travel time.

Software and accounting system

Klien IT Systems has its own accounting system integrated for optimal operation of the system. Thanks to our own integrated accounting package, you no longer need an external provider.

If you would like to keep your own accounting package while using our system, please contact us. Together we can discuss the possibilities.

Softwaresystem and remuneration package

It is possible to export salary data to an external remuneration package. We would be happy to discuss the best option for your company.

Easy to transfer

Transfering to our system from another ERP-software provider is easy! It is easy to transfer your files and data from Excel. If you don’t know how, we are here to help you!

Would you like to know more or request a Demo?

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about our system for the cleaning industry? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you