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New Update - Online Help Tools!

Within Klien-IT we strive to make the system as user-friendly as possible. This allows you to get started quickly, you are not left with questions and you save time. We have therefore invested heavily in this, but we are not standing still. To help you get started even better, we have built various online help tools into the system, so that you can get started even faster and better. If you have any questions, the system isn't put together clearly enough. With this thought in mind, we are constantly looking at how we can provide you even better. With this update we have added help characters to all functions. This quickly shows what you can do anywhere.

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The key has been lost, at 7:00 am the employee does not have the correct key in his pocket or none of the employees have an idea of ​​what the correct alarm code is. A few examples that have happened to almost every cleaning company. Issues with key registration and organization. Because we come to many different locations in the cleaning, it is a must to do this properly. Because Klien-IT-Systems was developed as a unique party from the cleaning industry itself, the system contains many cleaning-specific tools. This also includes an integrated  key registration system. Indicate per project which keys, alarm codes and badges apply here and transfer them to your employees. As a result, with our system you always have access to who has and has had which key. These keys can also be transferred very easily via the app, so that there is no administrative burden involved. Are you interested in our key system and our other cleaning specific parts?

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Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our society. To gain insight into sustainability within Klien-IT-Systems, the SDG Impact Assessment Tool (see below) has been developed.

What is the SDG Impact Assessment Tool? “The SDG Impact Assessment Tool is a learning tool that visualizes the results of a self-assessment of the impact of an activity, organization or innovation on the SDGs. It aims to encourage the user to gain a better understanding of the complexity of sustainable development and the different aspects of the SDGs. Ultimately, you are better equipped to prioritize future actions.” (United Nations, nd) Klien-IT-Systems is currently making a positive contribution to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):


SDG 4: Ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all. The Klien-IT-Systems team is very diverse. In this way we give students the opportunity to develop further professionally and personally.


SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all Klien-IT-Systems ensures that cleaning companies can manage and view their business processes more efficiently. This saves them time in the office and on projects. This ultimately leads to higher productivity.


SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Klien-IT-Systems is working on rolling out the system in Italy. In Italy, digitization is on the back burner. By releasing this system in Italy, they stimulate innovation.


SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and between countries. Klien-IT-Systems contributes to this goal, because they do not distinguish between cleaning companies. The organization offers the system at a lower price compared to competitors. With this they make no distinction in a large or small company.


SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. The system ensures the most efficient trip planning for the employees. This saves CO2 emissions. The schedules are well coordinated so that the employee does not have to travel far from project to project. More than half of the employees cycle to the projects, which saves more CO2.


SDG 15: Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests and forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. Klien-IT-Systems digitizes all business processes. As a company, you switch from manual accounting to a fully integrated accounting package. This reduces the use of paper.


SDG 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. Klien-IT-Systems aims to roll out the system abroad. Conclusion Klien-IT-Systems is therefore taking steps towards sustainability. With the ERP system from Klien-IT-Systems you save time and paper. The entire business processes are completely digital. Moreover, we do not make a distinction in the size of the company. The ERP system unburdens users and employees, allowing you to focus on what is important. Finally, the system ensures, among other things, the most efficient trip planning for employees, which saves you CO2 emissions. In the future we will look at how we can make a greater contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can strengthen the positive impact from Klien-IT-Systems. Finally, we will look at how we can make a positive contribution to the other goals.

Klien-IT-Systems contains a complete stock and item system. In this way you always have insight into your current stock, the stock is automatically tracked and your employees can easily place orders from the app when they need items. In this way you have control over the flow of articles within your company. For each project you can indicate which articles are applicable there. This allows your employees to only order relevant items for a project. These orders arrive in your inventory dashboard. Here you can see in one overview what is needed for the projects and you can start processing them. When an order is delivered, the system automatically adjusts the stock. Are you curious about how our integrated inventory system works and what other useful functions we have to offer? Don't hesitate and request a free demo right away!

Smart time registration system on GPS! If you still register the times of your employees on paper, or if you use a cumbersome registration system with a QR code, for example, then we have the solution for you!

Save time and money with the time registration of Klien-IT-Systems. The smart clock-in and clock-out system on GPS automatically uses time registration and location determination as a basis. This allows you to see LIVE in one clear overview where and when everyone is working. This way you are always one step ahead of everyone.

By means of the location determination via GPS you will see in one overview what the location of arrival and departure is. This, in combination with the time of clocking in and out, gives you a detailed overview of the time and place of arrival and departure. Your employees can easily clock in and out on location in their mobile app with one click.

With Klien-IT you can say goodbye to the paper flows within your organization. This not only saves a lot of time and therefore money, but it also ensures overview and peace of mind in the office and the workplace. Everything you need is now securely and structured in your own digital environment that is accessible anywhere and at any time. With Klien-IT you become future-FIT! Are you ready to digitize your time registration and business processes? Or are you curious about what other cleaning-specific functions we have developed? Then take a look at our website (, contact us via or call us on 076 – 520 80 43.

You can also immediately request a free demo and we will come by to explain the entire system. This can of course also be done digitally.

What is an ERP system?

ERP is the abbreviation for enterprise resource planning. An ERP system is actually software that is used within organizations to support all processes within a company. To achieve this, the administrative, financial, commercial and logistical processes are housed under this system.

What is the meaning of an ERP system?

Klien-IT-Systems has its own ERP system to simplify all administrative tasks in the cleaning industry. Think of the schedules, time registration, accounting tasks and more. But what exactly is an ERP System? In this article we explain it for you. Companies that do not yet use an ERP system often work with different software packages. As a result, information cannot flow directly from one department to another. An ERP system provides all employees of a company with a central, shared working environment in which data is recorded once. This working environment is accessible to everyone at any time of the day. In this way, everyone within the company has the same information at their disposal. As a result, less time and money has to be spent on correcting errors, resulting in the saving of time and money. A good ERP system automatically leads to lower costs, shorter process times and better service.

An ERP system has several advantages for a company, the main ones will be mentioned below. An ERP system ensures that all data can always be used directly by every employee. This makes employees more productive and also strengthens internal collaboration. In addition, work can be carried out in different ways, each employee has his / her own way of working. The implementation of an ERP system ensures standardization of the way in which work is done within the company. The system forces employees to follow the prescribed procedures, other business rules can also be entered. When implementing an ERP system, the best practices of a specific business task can be used to optimize the processes. This makes it easier to achieve and maintain a quality standard. In addition, the transfer of a task no longer costs so much time and energy. Some activities within a company are standard and must be performed daily to keep the company running. The automation of work can yield enormous time savings for employees. In addition to the work, the business processes are also essential within the company. Analyzing business processes is essential when it comes to the development of a company, with an ERP system all business processes can be connected. As a result, more extensive reports can be drawn up, because the analysis software has more sources to draw figures from and can therefore display more depth.

What is an ERP system for cleaning companies?

With the ERP system from Klien-IT-Systems you have all the business processes of your cleaning company in one system, a total overview of all departments and data. From accounting to planning, everything can be found in our ERP system. The ERP system has a fully integrated accounting package, so no external package is needed anymore. With the help of our system you can fully automate your planning. Employees can also view this planning via an app and request leave. The system contains a smart clock system with time registration and location determination. Employees can easily clock in and out with a mobile app. You can also gain insight into the absenteeism of employees. In addition, you can keep an up-to-date overview in the system of who owns which key. With the help of the ERP software you always have insight into the figures. This way you can easily manage the debtors and send payment reminders. You also gain insight into the payment behavior of customers. In addition, the invoices are created automatically, which saves a lot of time. Another big advantage of the system is that you can find all data in one central place. This way you are always aware of current figures and no data is lost when staff leave. This way you can find all employee and project data in the system. The relationships can also be tracked in the ERP system so that you always have insight into this. In addition, the ERP software also has an app for employees in which they can view all the necessary data directly on the work floor. Things like clocking in, viewing planning and requesting leave can also be done via the app. Of all software packages, Klien-IT-Systems is best suited to the cleaning industry. As a result, our software for cleaning companies contains all conceivable functions that you need. The ERP system is made for all cleaning companies. This allows you to manage your business processes from one central system. Our system provides peace of mind, overview and relief of administrative pressure. The software is affordable, complete and industry specific for cleaning companies. In this way we want to give the entire cleaning industry the opportunity to digitize. In this way we help every company to keep up with current developments.

Curious how such a system works in practice? Request a free demo ! Do you want to know more about how an ERP system works or what the possibilities are for your company? Feel free to contact us via the contact form, via or call us on 076 – 520 80 43. If you are interested in our system, request a demo without obligation!

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