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Industry focused

Klien-IT Systems differentiates itself from other software systems, because it has been developed by the cleaning industry.


For the past 7 years, we’ve been busy developing and improving our system from within the cleaning company Klien.


Our system is online accessible. This way you can enter the system from any place which has access to the internet at any given time of day.


In order to serve all of the cleaning industry, we offer our system at a consistent and affordable price.

What has our system got to offer?

Out of all systems, Klien IT-Systems has the best connection with the cleaning industry. This is mainly due to the fact that our system has all the options which you could possibly need to manage your cleaning business.

Spanning from a range of options such as a planning system, financial dashboard, integrated accounting system and many more.

Fully integrated accounting system

You don’t need a seperate accounting system anymore. Our system includes it all.

Complete planning

You have the option to integrate a fully autonomous planning

Creditors and debtors

Always a clear overview of all financial key numbers.

Smart GPS clocking system

Smart clocking registration with an accurate location given.

ERP system

Who has our system been developed for?

The Klien IT system has been developed for all cleaning businesses in the industry, who wish to run their enterprise resources and processes from one central back-office system. Our system provides a more calm and relieving solution for your current administrative struggles.

Managing Director

Will not lose any data when employees decide to leave and is always up to date with the real time key numbers. This way the managing director can act fasts when necessary.


Works more efficient than ever, because a lot of tasks can be automated within our system. Planning gets easier and invoices can be made up easily.

Cleaning Personnel

Time registration gets easier with the mobile application. They have access to their planning, can request leave of absence and will have many more options right on the spot.

Keeping up with current developments

Within our complete, industry specific and affordable system, we aim to bring opportunity to all businesses who are operating withing the cleaning industry. We do this by handing businesses the tools to tackle digital hurdles and by keeping up with recent developments.

Relieve administrative activities and focus on the real priorities. “We help your cleaning business with its growth, without you having to worry about losing control of your processes!”