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ERP software for the cleaning industry

Is your organization growing and are you looking for ERP software that is over at your cleaning company? Due to the increased demand for cleaning services and the increasing competition, it can be difficult to keep an overview, to keep up and to reduce the quality.

The ERP software from Klien IT Systems, specifically aimed at the cleaning industry, helps your cleaning company to work organized and efficiently. All business processes of your cleaning company in one system, from accounting to planning and from all departments. You will find everything in the ERP system of Klien IT Systems. And that too at affordable rates. Would you like more information or request a free demo? Feel free to contact us.

Advantages software cleaning companies

Working with industry-oriented ERP software brings various advantages. Because Klien IT Systems focuses exclusively on ERP software for cleaning and window cleaning companies, it fits seamlessly with the business processes of these types of companies.

The ERP system offers, among other things, the following aspects in the extensive software package:
  • Fully integrated accounting system
    Klien IT systems has its own accounting package that is fully integrated in the system. If you already work with an accounting tool, we can discuss the options together.

  • Scheduling system
    With our ERP software it has become possible to automate your entire planning. It has also been made easy for your colleagues to view the planning and request leave.
  • Clock system
    The Klien IT Systems software contains a smart clock system, including time registration and location determination using GPS. Colleagues can easily clock in with a mobile app. It is also possible in this system to view the absenteeism of employees.
  • Invoicing
    You have easy insight into all your invoices and you can also send payment reminders. You can also analyze the payment behavior of customers and invoices can be generated automatically.

The complete ERP system contains many more components that together provide a customized software solution. Got curious? Request a free demo and let us convince you.

Do you have questions?

Are you curious whether our software for cleaning companies also suits you? Or do you have questions about this? Then you can always contact us. Call us at 0765208043 or email us at info@klien-systems.nl to contact us.

In addition, we have built an online helpdesk into our system, in the form of video training, information and help signs with accompanying explanations and an instruction book with detailed explanations of each component.

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