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Corinne Cipolla - (Italian) Interns International Business

Klien-IT-Systems is a young company that strongly relies on young people. I realized this from the very beginning when everyone was interested in my opinions and ideas.

Responsibility, independence, and engagement are the keywords that describe these months. During this period, I tried new tools (like Google Ads and WordPress), made the marketing plan, and created social media content. Moreover, I took over customer acquisition, thus managing a process going from leads collection to contract drawing up.

Meanwhile, I wrote my thesis and was supported by my colleagues, who provided me with materials, and took part in interviews, questionnaires, and tests. Thanks to their collaboration, I could carry out all my tasks and achieve my goals.

My effort was recognized and appreciated by Mr. Raymond and Antonio Kouwenberg, the two owners and CEOs. The relationship established with them is not merely formal and goes beyond the hierarchic structure typical of Italian firms. Care for the individual, their needs and potential characterize Klien-IT-Systems work environment.

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