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Stefan Leendertz - Student Business Administration

Looking back on my internship at KLIEN-IT-Systems, I must say that I experienced this period as very positive. I have always been given the freedom to develop myself and to look for new opportunities that we could build on together.

From a business administration perspective, this was a very interesting internship where I experienced a pleasant collaboration with the other interns, employees and the management of the company. The fact that the company consists of a young and fresh team with ambitions really appealed to me. But the freedom you get to do business with the company and the stakeholders also gave me a positive feeling.

During my internship I was supervised by Antonio Kouwenberg, who, despite being at the start of his career as an entrepreneur, already knows where he wants to go. What always struck me was that he always wanted to be there for everyone. He gives the highest priority to the companies that purchase the software from KLIEN-IT-Systems, but in my opinion he has also proved to be a very good internship supervisor and employer. I experienced this from the fact that he always thought along with me and provided good support in providing resources and knowledge to be able to carry out my internship assignment.

I am actually very sorry to have to finish my internship period already. The 5 months I had to carry out my process optimization assignment really flew by. Fortunately, however, a breath of fresh air will soon blow through the KLIEN-IT-Systems company. With a number of new research assignments in collaboration with interns and new employees, it goes without saying that this company has a vision to grow and to remain committed to a complete customer experience with regard to the software system.

I would like to thank KLIEN-IT-Systems, and especially Antonio Kouwenberg and Raymond Kouwenberg, for the great cooperation and guidance. And I wish the company all the best with what the future holds for them.

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